Hey guys! Long time no updating! I’m sorry for my absence. I  FINALLY got a new laptop to work on writing again. Life has also settled down enough that I can focus on my unfinished stories. For those who asked why BTJF private chapters weren’t viewable, they are now! Wattpad removed the private feature on stories and placed all the chapters in drafts. Given I haven’t checked Wattpad in months, I had no idea. Thank you for your patience!


@Alycat1901 I'm a fan of yours.  And I reaaaaalllyyy wanted to read "Human Dollmaker" but I couldn't find it. 


So glad to hear you’re back! I adore your Jack Frost book. You are amazingly talented. Can’t wait for #2. Think you should just hit publish on Amazon! And when you do, please let us know, so I can purchase your book and support talented writers like you! 


@Alycat1901 Am still waiting!


Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE BTJF and was wondering if you are still continuing it. Take as much time as you need because I will always be grateful of your work. Love you and your books and I hope they get published<333


Hi! I love ur story Bethrothed to Jack Frost soo much. The story line really spark my interest to glue my eyes to the screen. Ur talent in writing is soo awesome! I m looking forward to see u finish the Fire Fury.. Don't give up.  


Hello Author! I haven’t read all your books yet, but I fell in love with one of your creations, Betrothed to Jack Frost. You do have a talent in creating a storyline. You have a wild and very impressive imagination. Who would have thought Jack Frost can be an ideal leading man, ha?! The movie, “The Huntsman”, came to my mind while I was reading BTJF. Your book was not the typical fairy tale but very catchy just like the movie. It has a big twist that makes us, your readers, get curious and hooked. To be honest, BTJF has a big potential if you will focus on it. It just needs to be polished and to be finished to make the story whole. Once your story became whole, it could get the attention of a lot more readers just like the success of your first book/part of BTJF. If you want it to be published, go! BTJF could be your big success, Ms. Author. I hope it won’t be put to waste. Believe in your story. Believe in your creation. Believe in your talent. I’m a fan now! And I believe in your talent! 


Hiii!!! I was wondering if you are going to continue the Lost asgardian? LOVE your books!!


I can never be able to read other books waiting for the btjf:fire's fury to atleast have half of the chapters published ;.; . I wanna continue readddddd your awesomeeee booookkk GREAAAT BOOOOOK omg i am still hurt by the end of the btjf ;.; 
          BUT, I AM IN NO WAY PUSHING YOU LIKE "FINISH THIS! FINISH THIS NOW!" holding your hair tight then like 'face-the-sheet'(laptop or whatnot, whatever you use to type down uour story in wattpad) kind of thing. Hey, if u need time it's ok. U busy, iz ok. You're GREAT btw and also your writing skills on how u describe emotions so amazing i imagine them perfectly. :) Lots of ❤