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I'm Sofi

I was born in Ireland and I live there now but I have lived in Scotland, Wales, Peru, The States, Russia, and Italy. I guess I should add England to that list now, too.
There is no bigger turn off than pure desperation
I have the fantastic ability to make anything sound dirty
Les Miserables has been my favourite book since I was twelve.

Alright, I am going to set something straight for you: Ireland is NOT THE SAME AS ENGLAND/UK. We are not a part of the United Kingdom and are our OWN COUNTRY. I am not British, I do not have a British Accent as I am Irish. (Speaking for Rep. Of Ireland)

Generally I am a nice person and I love talking to people so don't be shocked if I talk to you! unless u tlk lyk diss cuz thn imma gtta slp u.

Please don't ask for a fan back because I only fan for real reasons- meaning I'm a fan of your work. Sorry.
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