This account is shared by two people, YES, TWO. OH MY GOD. So yeah, updates are going to be irregular, and probably will have gaps inbetween. The two people on this account are Marv, and Mac, obviously not our real names. 

To clear up any confusion. Marv writes the 'Kiros' and 'Chris' chapters, and Mac writes the 'Baylee' and 'Xavier' chapters. Mkay?

Any comments to help us improve would be greatly liked. Also, any comments like, "OMG THIS WAS SO GEWD. CHECK OUT MINE, VOTE LIKE AND FAVE ME!!!!11 PLZZ!!11" Will be deleted, because, odds are, you probably didn't read it.
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It Started with Ice Cream, and Ended with Fangs

Social data: 1.3K reads. 7 votes. 4 comments.

Description: This is the story of Chris, Baylee, and Kiros. As well as many others, all shoved into one house. Let the hyjinks ensue, as well as letting some questionable people do questionable things. How are they all not...


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