I write what I See. I am what I See. Are my writings real or fiction? It's your choice whether or not you Believe.
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AlmanajaBlackwater AlmanajaBlackwater Jan 21, 2015 03:50PM
I apologize for my absence. I have a new poetry series I am starting to compensate for the long wait for more works from me. I already have two parts of volume one up, and I will be posting more very...
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Book of Sight: Volume I

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Description: I see my Books of Truth have been greatly accepted by the public. I have decided after a leave of absence to bring to you a new series of books. Please enjoy.


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The Unspoken Unknown

The Unspoken Unknown

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My Fifth and Final Book of Truth This book contains the Enlightenment and Final word of me and my group...

Dear Blood Diary...

Dear Blood Diary...

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Samantha Jumbowsky's diary entries

If They Aren't Love Poems, What are They?

If They Aren't Love Poems, What are They?

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My Third Book of Truth I do not like what society considers "love." This Book contains the fa...

Blood Lust of the Diamond

Blood Lust of the Diamond

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My Fourth Book Of Truth Darkness has swept over all that I knew. My original group of members has now e...