Basic infօ about me even though you didn't ask? Check!

⚜Love love loooooooove bananas but hate DESPISE DETEST banana flavored things

⚜Libra [Autumn babies who's forced to be a school year behind people their age because they're born after the school's registration time GANG GANG]

⚜Cringy ass Atiny [Hola and Hakunamatata you hoes, would you be the Aurora so that there will be Light in the Utopia of my heart?]

⚜Incompetent ass was sucked into the world of kpop by twin sister and the loveable crackheaded BTS

⚜Indecisive and insecure girl who for finds love in fictional characters rather than real life people

⚜Has many ideas but is too lazy to write and is a perfectionist who won't post something that's deem unworthy

⚜Want to loose weight but doesn't want to loose the way my thighs are [does that make since?]

⚜First pop star love was Logan from Big Time Rush [my baby😭😭❤]

⚜Defo a meme and Tik Tok horder.

⚜CEO of unfinished stories

⚜Simp when it comes to praises from others and dead ass will be motivated to make damn near 15 chapters just to make them happy [hint-hint👀👀]

⚜Part of the Big-titty squad but for some reason didn't get the ass 👁💧👄💧👁 WHERE DID I GO WRONG...WHERE?!

⚜Even though I'm putting this front of being a cool social butterfly 'n shit, I'm really an akward ass introvert irl

⚜[Y/n] is who I inspire to be cause sis is getting PLENTY of the good dick. Like damn, I want Shawn Mendes to kidnap me and we fall in love and have a baby named Matthew too🙄 [jk jk...unless]

⚜Whore to all the Anime Hotties. Don't know why but it's just something about them

⚜Trevor Noah is my future baby daddy. Yessir! We gonna have some chocolate dimpled spawns😍😍

⚜Wattpad has officially altered my thinking. The thought of being snatched and sold is not as frighting as before since I believe that I'll somehow end up being BTS pet

So yeah, a lil' sum sum 'bout me. Hope you enjoyed it! Bye bye my little Moons~

Ha! Get it? Cause my name's Alluring Venu-
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BTS Ambw Imagines and Preferences
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