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Challenging My Skills

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Description: "The job that you are being offered has nothing to do with you staring in a show." A few girls left. "Good now I know who is actually serious about their acting career. You're not always going to get a lead. ", he laughed to himself like it was a...

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How about this?

How about this?

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HELP WANTED : Tittle: _____________ Genre:_____________ Plot: _______________ Cover: _____________ Conti...

More Than Friendship

More Than Friendship

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After being sent to her Uncle Lenny's town for summer Cassandra finds herself surrounded by strangers. S...

My Point of View

My Point of View

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Do I Look Stupid To You?

Do I Look Stupid To You?

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Liam ran a hand through his hair. "Okay how about this. We'll deal with you two later. We have unfinish...