I'm a Hustler, Pioneer, and Directioner. Music is a love of mine. :)


"Compassion, the concept is rather simple.
Most know what it means to be civil,
But there truly is a fine line between sweet and sour.
Give too much of yourself away,
And you'll be all used up.
Not enough,
And no one will be around to share this with.
So what is it that motivates us,
To be better or gentler, more refined?
I'd like to think it's those close to us.
Close to the heart and soul."
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AllTimeLynAnne AllTimeLynAnne Dec 06, 2013 08:49PM
I have posted my new book! It is not a fan fiction, or even a novel. It is going to be a book full of my own poetry, which is something I have been submerging myself in these last few months. I would...
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