So, once again... 
          	I’m having trouble uploading the final chapter of Heaven Sent onto Wattpad. 
          	U G H 
          	*insert angry emoji* 
          	I’ll check again in a few hours. But it’s coming. ❤️


@AliciaMarino ❤️. Love your stories. I can never choose a fav. 


@AliciaMarino while I'm waiting for the update I'm just imagining how the ending could possibly be ... awww my heart♥️♥️♥️


@AliciaMarino have you tried uploading it again. I have this problem with my stories so I delete it and re upload  doesn’t always work though


I'm also a writer in Wattpad. Please since you're amazing at what you do I need you to please guide in my own story:The Billionaire's Trap. Thanks as you comply


I swear since I added any of your stories to my library I have to stop everything I'm doing to finish that book. Thank you for giving me a fantasy to drown myself in


@AliciaMarino The epilogue on Heaven Sent was jusssst just so amazing, your talent just transcends everytime I read your work!! 
          Elijah and Cas deserve all the happiness, just teaches you that when two people want to love each there is nothing they won't do for each other.. ❤️❤️
          Love and light to you hun, truly 


Its loading now but saying some of the content was unable to be loaded so it jumped to some random point in the epilogue rather than the beginning and wont let me go back.