Hey Everyone! I'm Alice. I'm now 22 though I was but a wee child when I first made my account, so please... I know how bad my first stories are and I'm remedying that... just slowly. I love to read, write, and relax with a good cup of coffee! 

You probably know me from my fic Family Bonds and you're probably wondering where it is. I've currently just got most of it unpublished while I edit it, and I promise it will be back up in time, slowly, as it is my first fic and the one that I really enjoy so I want it to be at its best. I thank you for your understanding in this :)

I love gaming (Playstations ftw), and some of my favorite games include FFXII, TLOU, The Dragon Age series, and Life is Strange.

Anime and manga are my jam (Fairy Tail and FMAB are just two of my many favorites), and BBC shows seem to find a place in my heart along with two idjit brothers hunting things. Also, mention the Hobbit/LotR around me and I will probably burst into tears over Kili/Tauriel. Other shows I enjoy include Game of Thrones, Lost Girl, and Archer.

I run an Ashe/Balthier blog as well as a FFXII confession blog on tumblr with my dearest and best friend. We also run quite a few more blogs, but to list them all would take too long.

Classic books seem to have a way into my heart, but only the unabridged versions. Don't cut out Marius and Cosette scenes, or leave out things about Eugenie and Louise! Why do that to good books?

Anyways, that's about all you need to know about me, so farewell and have a nice day!

My fanfiction.net username: ladyashethealchemist
My Ao3 account: Ladyasheofkirkwall

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Inside jokes:
* It's awesomeness mixed with sugar!!!!
*I'm B) and Hayley is 8)
*flop,flop,flop don't eat me! i'm just a cute little seal!
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Working on a new chapter of To Meet Before Fate! Also editing another chapter of Family Bonds- look for these soon! 
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