Hi I'm Angela call me Ella and I thought I would try something different and this is different then anything that I usually do,talking to complete strangers but I think that I can make some real friends out of this and now a days that seems harder and harder to find I have plenty of them but I don't feel as if I really know any of them like nothing around me feels really...real and I'd like very much to meet someone who I can totally confide in and completely trust. But here are the basics about me if you want to know a little about me well I love to read and write it's a strong passion of mine and I love music I listen to it I can never play it but I'm attempting to learn to play the piano but I look forward to receiving your message and reading your stories if you suggest them to me or excited to read your comments and receive your you votes but I'm in a bit of a writers block but whenever I post not sure when that is but I'm excited to read or see your thoughts don't be afraid give me your most honest reply I'd like to see what I might be doing wrong.
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