love hanging with my friends
I started using this because of a friend now im stuck every free moment tryping a new chapter
I listenten to a lot of music
I love jelly beans ;)
I love to party
Live to drink
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AlexColville AlexColville Mar 15, 2014 10:38PM
sorry not been on much hope you guys like my new chapter will fix spelling mistakes after please et me know if you like it
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Chasing My Tail

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Description: Alex is a normal person who lives a normal life exept when the sun goes down she is sturgeling to come to terms with her self sealed fate as the once laughed at reality becomes more real she will have to join...


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Random Poem

Random Poem

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this is a realy random poem wrote it in english lol hope you guys like it #]

Stuck At The Cross Road

Stuck At The Cross Road

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15 year old Alex can't live a normal life her heart is torn between the loss of her brother who recently...


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