If you want a short kid giving you puns and terrible writing, the you have come to the right place! I try to hold the puns in,  but sometimes they just slip out. Also, LOTS OF ANIME REFERENCES. 

Instagram: @alex_nishinoya._.03

I'm terrible with updates........

If you ever want to participate in a YukiYuna Is A Hero RP, I have one published and I will try to respond as soon as I can, aslong as im not in school or playing volleyball

" If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you dont fight, you dont win"
- Mikasa Ackerman

" If slashing their neck doesnt work, shove the swords up their áşś"

" I dont sleep, thats for the weak. I simply just blink for a long time while laying down in bed , with a blanket and a pillow"

AOT in a nutshell:
Eren: " Ill kill all the titans, and avenge those who where killed. I dont want to die inside these walls without seeing the outside world, without worrying about if im going to get eaten" - finds out hes a titan-

Blue exorcist/ Ao no exorcist ep 1 in a nutshell

Rin: Im not a demon !!!!!
Rin's Father ( not his real father): Rin, beofre i doe, i need to tell you something. You are the son of Satan -dies-
Rin: OshitWaddup

Levi Ackerman logic:

Hates messes
Kills Titans for a living

I'm a sub libero

Mom= @sugamamakoushi
Best friend= @-Saden_Laden
Im gonna put more people, but mabey later today, when im at my laptop
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