What I read
• I love to read books (digital & paper)
• I love to read fanfics.
• I love to read Comics. I have to say I'm Marvel trash but I enjoy some DC comics too.
• I love to read Manga.
• I love and enjoy reading the BIble.

what I watch in TV/YouTube/Internet
•Basically Marvel and Superhero Stuff.
•OUaT (before character assassination happened and it become once upon a hook)
• ¡Doramas! lots of 'em! I don't watch 'telenovelas' I don't like 'em.
• Anime (It's like I can't stop watching them damn it haha)
If you watch Doramas or Anime or both and you want to recommend me some? feel free to do it! ; )
or a good Manga or Comic or books or fanfiction to read.
My OTP's
-Romanogers (I wish James Rogers happen would in the MCU)
-James Rogers/Torunn Thorsdóttir
-Winter Widow
-Pepperony (with Darcy as their daughter)
-Skye|Daisy Johnson/Lincoln
-Bruce Banner/Betty Ross
-Peter/Gwen (Spiderman)
-Sue/R. Richards (fantastic four)

•My favorite color is Black but Navy blue and purple are acceptable in my life too.

What I Want in LIFE?
•To find my purpose in life that is after all why we're all in this world everyone has a purpose in life I just have to find mine.
•I dunno... Just be happy in general... read more the word of God and delight in his love for me (God Love us all, don't doubt it).
•Seek more of God.
•Graduate this year hopefully.
•Make my parents proud! ツ I know they love me even if they don't always say it. I love both of them.
•Be a better older sister... Life is too short to be having petty fights.
•Call my Grandma and Greatgrandma more (and family in general) she's in Ecuador and I miss them so so much.
•Be a better daughter.
•Forgive easily.
•Give and Share what I have with those who don't have anything.
•Learn more languages.
•Learn to love myself. Be a better person
•Share the Love and the word of God with everyone.
•Have/find friends.
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