Hiya Im Danny 
Im 15 years young, bisexual and single

Happily taken by food, be my friend? c:♥

He and I had something beautiful, but so dysfunctional, it couldn't last. I loved him so but I let him go, 'cause I knew he'd never love me back

You think I'm cute when I get mad?
Well in a minute I'm about to be fucking gorgeous. xD

When people ask me what I believe in, religion wise, I simply tell them: I believe in humanity. I believe in the good of people. I believe in laughter, in happiness, and in joy. I believe in having fun and living your life to the fullest. I believe in living right, and living without regrets. I believe in morals. I believe family comes first. I believe in learning from your mistakes. And I believe in treating people how you want to be treated above all else. But I believe organized religion is bullshit, and just a way to brainwash people into believing the same things. I believe organized religion is a way out for people who don't want to think for themselves.
I also don't believe in a god. I believe in a power higher than myself, but I do not believe it is just one ominous entity.
I am spiritual, not religious.
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@RaeOfBeautifulness thats my favorite song
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