Now that I have your attention, welcome to my awesome profile! What's that? You want to know about me? Well, why didn't you say so earlier?

My name is Alayna (ay-lay-nah), but y'all can call me Ally. I love to write-on my own terms though. Like say, I have a language arts project that includes writing a four page essay. Due to my wonderful procrastination, that little essay won't get done till about the very last second. Yeah. But if it is on my own terms, then I will write until my fingers get sore! Isn't that wonderful?! That means y'all get more stories! Yay!

Hmmm...what else? Oh! I love music! Normally the top 40, but I'm open to any kind of music! So far, my favorite song is Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy ( this will change frequently ).

And last, but not least, my stories! I currently have three: Circus of Secrets, Howl and Haunted Experiences. My stories will be a variety of subjects, but they will all be fiction. So...yeah. That's all I got! Please don't forget to comment, fan, and vote! Also, please check out my stories! Well, bye for now!

If you would like to have a cover done by me, please message my other account, which is right below. Thank you! :)

One more thing before I go, here's my other account @Madness27 so please follow that one as well because I will have my other stories on there :)
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Dark And Dangerous Howls(Book 1 of the D&D Trilogy)

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Description: I ran deep into the forest, it once again swallowing me. Once I thought I was deep enough, I slowed to a walk. I began to get lost in thought as I walked threw the forest, the leaves crunching every time I take a step. I couldn't wait to get home to...

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*NEW EDITION*Dark & Dangerous Howls (Book 1 in the D&D Trilogy)

*NEW EDITION*Dark & Dangerous Howls (Book 1 in the D&D Trilogy)

294 16 5

As I pulled out the book, I heard leaves crunch to my left. I stopped dead in my tracks as a slight ting...

Circus of Secrets *On hold*

Circus of Secrets *On hold*

263 10 1

"Ladies and gentleman!" A male voice echoed throughout the orange and yellow stripped tent. You could fe...

Misguided Ghosts (Formerly Haunted Experiences)*On Hold*

Misguided Ghosts (Formerly Haunted Experiences)*On Hold*

141 4 0

I've always been into the paranormal.I loved the way the adrenaline rushes into your veins as you jump o...

Idea Box

Idea Box

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The book full of ideas that come from my head! It can be from video related to book related! Here is whe...

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