Hey guys! I've become mostly inactive, but I might be back to write a chendy or branari oneshot every once in a while.


@Akunologia im expecting chendy


Love Liver! Kinda Likes FT! Followed!!!!!
          Fave a fluffy bunny!!
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          Also, who is you're best girl??, Mine is Umi and what do you think about Love Live Sunshine?


Hey everyone! I'm so so sorry for not updating! I'm working on a chapter of Apartment Buddies up right now, so you'll probably see it sometime in the morning.
          But anyway, I'm sorry! You need to understand that I am a lazy procrastinating butthole that's too obsessed with Pokémon for my own good.
          Gomen'nasai, minna!


Reminder to those who read my "Fairy Tail Oneshots" that you may request however many times you'd like! Just don't repeatedly ask for the same ship over and over again. Arigatou, minna!