Hi! You can call me purple kc I love purple <3 :))


Hi! Ako Si Megan friend ni purple

Reader Lang po kami ni Megan dito, so don't expect us to write stories.

We read.
We comment.
We vote.

Mabait po kami kung mabait kayo sa amin.

16 y/o

Yun Lang po. Kami :))

My signature pag ng comment ako: pUrp£€ :))
Signature ng friend ko na Si Megan: m3gAn :)
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Akosipurple Akosipurple 3 years ago
@bittenapple @VanessaSiero @Fluffymonster @Rinaxhan you're welcome guys! I'll try to read you're stories if i have time. 
      -purple here-
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