🍩 Jessica
🍩 Fifteen
🍩 Indian
🍩 Directioner
🍩 Nutella-lover
🍩 Cheesy
🍩 Crazy unicorn
🍩 Quite very random
🍩 Low-key flirty
🍩 Least harmful person alive
🍩 One Hot Mess
🍩 Forever sleepy, hungry, horny and cute


🍕 is a Hindu, tho her name is Jessica.
🍕 named her conscience as Akeira, hence the username.
🍕 eats all the time but still feels hungry all the time.
🍕 swears for no reason at all.
🍕 does not look good in photos, especially the selfies.
🍕 loves to sing and dance.
🍕 is not a fan of math.
🍕 is in love with her nutella jar.
🍕 kinda loves the number 69, she named it ulala.
🍕 wants you to say BURRITO BOOM BOOM on her board.

She doesn't-
🌯 do read for read
🌯do vote for vote
🌯 do follow for follow

She does-
🌮 spam for spam
🌮 give free hugs
🌮 annoy you

Her works-
🍟 Dearest Slim Guitar Bhaiya (proud proud proud of this book)
🍟 Face Reveal-ish book (just... don't)

🍽 Just My Life- rant book (unpublished)

I sometimes bite but not too hard so you can slide into my DM.

My follow button has been a bad, bAD CHILD. Needs a good spank.

🍸For private talk, message me in DMs.
🍸For quicker replies, message me on my board.

Peas and potatoes.
Cuddles and kisses.
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Dearest Slim Guitar Bhaiya by AkeiraBoo
Dearest Slim Guitar Bhaiya #521 in Humor
Have you ever looked at a hot stranger and planned a future with them in minutes just to have them disappear...
this is so not my face reveal by AkeiraBoo
this is so not my face reveal
This book contains everything besides my face reveal. Also, the description of this book is a bunch of lies. ...
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