Heyo~! Lana, or Akarui, here!  Umm.....I don't have a lot to say, I feel that I'm pretty random, half tomboy, half quiet-half hyper, I LOVE to read and write, and I have purple hair! :D
I love anime and manga too! They are SOOO funny! x3 I mainly write fanfiction, but I have some of my own story idea's in my head...Uhh....I sometimes wanna learn Japanese. I know some basic words, like 'Hai!' or 'Gomen', 'Ohayo', 'Minna'. And one of my FAVORITE words in Japanese is 'Kawaii' it means cute! ^.^
Many people say I'm weird, and I always say thank you! Because I also always have a book people like to make cracks at me, but I just stare at them until they look away. It's kinda fun! x3
Uhhh I guess that's it!
-Akarui(Lana) Nightshade
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It's all Falling Down

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Description: "It's all falling down! No! I can't have a mate, I can't!" I screamed, my head in my hands. I heard him stand and walk across the room. Stopping in front of me, he growled. "You do! I am y...


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I am Ismine. I am Ivy.

I am Ismine. I am Ivy.

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