You've probably guessed but, A.J.A.S is made up of four writers (DUH- no shit Sherlock) 

if you want to call us out individually, are pen names are:

-Keemax (I have an account on fanfiction and tumblr)

-Aaligatorrr (yes, she has another account on wattpad and tumblr under this name)
Intros are fun! here's mine!!! Im Aali, or as a few people would like to argue, Aali Vettel, my future husband Fabian likes calling me Mrs Vettel, Im sure. As a member of tumblr, i have a lot of friends from various places throughout the world, mainly europe. if you want to have a chat with me, and ask about various things, eg DRS and how a cars engine works, feel free, but be warned, i have one of the sexiest imaginations on the planet :P im also permanently hyper...

-Shazza or Shaz (Wattpad account: ShazzaLovesHazza)

-Jazz Harkness (Who wants blue hair)

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Story by A.J.A.S
Wrong Paradise by AjasTheFourWriters
Wrong Paradise
Four friends. Four incredibly fit boys, who they happen to HATE, One destination- make that two...
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