I am basically just starting out as a (writer) i can come up with tons of ideas but i can never got them on paper how I want them to sound. 

A little bit about me is that i am a country girl at heart, I love to do most anything that involves being out side. I do not normally follow what everyone around me is doing because if i was i would probably not be who I am today. I like to think that maybe I can make a difference in the world. A lot of people talk but they don't ever actually do. I want to be someone who will actually do something for the world.
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Airsoftplayer commented on Cursed Bound. - Chapter Six.

Well of course Tabby just had to be a big mouth and gossip. I was hoping to tell him when I meet him at the park where the festival going to be. I was so much of a coward this week to tell him. Pussh...
ok so far I love your book, but when you use the wrong were it drives me nuts...  im not trying to be a dick. but we're means 'we are' 
      so on the second to last line it should read 'kaden at my side when we were on break from classes'