Welcome to my special hell, it's too late to return now~! (。◕‿‿◕。)
◇ Welcome to the wonderful wizarding world of Wattpad. Specifically, my account. My name is 🐳 Airako Rainies 🐳 , and my tag is @AirakoKitten! ;3


|Since they aren't expecting much, it'll be easy to exceed their expectations, and they'll enjoy it.|
~Tsubasa -Gauken Alice-

○ A Tiny Bit Bout Me! ○

• I'm a bisexual little midget•

• *cough**cough* •

• I am taken ^^ •

• My Senpai is moving away during the summer! Nooo 😭•

• I am a 'she' 'woman' 'female' 'insane' ^^ •

• I'm crazy :3•

♡~Airako Rainies ♡

Love ya! ♡~♡

~Have A Nice Day!~

|He's the smartest person on the football team. Which is exactly like saying he's the tallest dwarf.|
- Veronica ~Heathers

*dabs* KITTEN OUT!

I'm not five. I promise.


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🐳 Puyo Puyo (Tetris) 🐳

"Whales deserve freedom too!"
- Me when watching a video in history class about how hunting whales means money...

Everyone agreed with me lolol
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