❤I am Aira Mae V. Olivar.

❤I study at Siena College of Taytay

❤14 years old.

❤My birthday is on February 15.

❤You can call me aichii, chii, rachi, aira, mae :) Just choose ^_^

❤My hobbies are reading, eating, sleeping.

❤Sometimes I'm a bully but I have long patience :)

❤I have one story but I'm not sure if you guys will like it. It's a Kathniel Fan fic ^_^
>I'm also a fan of KathNiel :D
>The name of my story is "Addiction to YOU"
>I will update every weekends because sometimes we're busy with school :D
>I'm a fan of all stories that is about Kathniel :D

❤I also read Gang stories :D

❤I'm also an anime addict. :)
>I already watched more than 30 animes hehehe.. :D

❤I have a sister and a brother.

❤I'm a pet lover! We have 4 dogs (a bulldog and 4 shih tzus) , a cat named Chester, a rooster, 2 little chicks, and a myna. :D

❤My favorite food are SWEETS!! I have a very sweet tooth :D

❤I'm very talkative.

❤Add me on facebook ;)

❤Follow me on twitter

❤Congratulations! You actually read the entire thing! =D
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Airachi Airachi Apr 13, 2014 05:45PM
@South_Paul HAHAHAHAHA TAPOS ipagtatangol ng multooo HAHAHA 
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