I am just a reader. OMG I have fans.. I'm dumbfounded and in awe.. How does that happen? I'm not worthy.... Not sure what I did other than create a library but here they are. LOL

I read fast and a lot but I still wish I had more time to read but life gets in the way, dammit! I have a TV but since I signed onto Wattpad it only gets tuned on for workout videos. My friends stare at me funny when I tell them I have never watched Big Bang Theory or some of the other current shows. Reading is so much more exhilarating when your brain cooks up the video than letting someone else create that universe... but you Watty folks understand me, don't cha?

When I'm not reading or doing life I'm helping others with my love/respect for the English language. I'm currently editing for BombcheleBooks (R) & Elizax3 (PG-13) who are two awesome writers, go check them out!

I can edit for you if you want, just private message me and I'll let you know my availability.
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