I write for me, but mostly, I love writing to put smiles on the faces of others.
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Aimless Aimless 3 months ago
As an addition to my last post, I will be updating the covers of my stories. I'm really excited to get back into the swing of writing things, and as my own way of 'rediscovering' my ability to write...
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Red Robin

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Description: The Red Robin is a feared serial killing super villain. Impossible to catch, the only evidence she leaves behind is the body, and a card. She feels no remorse or sympathy for her victims and their family. Th...


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Start From Scratch

Start From Scratch

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Zel Stanton managed to be reincarnated, and once she was, Death gave her a message: Save the world. All...

Shrews, Acid + You

Shrews, Acid + You

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This is a story my group in English 4 wrote, we each wrote a paragraph or two, and this is how it turned...