Sorry everyone for not being active on here. 
          	I haven’t had enough time to be on Wattpad but I will be working on some stories to hopefully have them updated by the end of next week. 


Hi,I know I'm just a reader or anything but I really love your book,The New Butler,and I've seen you haven't updated the second book for a long time.No pressure,just know that we are waiting for anything and we love you and your books.


plsssss do update soon miss huhuhu cant get enough of book entitled The New Butler 2 AAAAAAAAAAA HUHUHUHU


Hey! Is the New Butler Series completed. If not when are you gonna uptade them. Please do as soon as possible coz I am literally dying to read it. 


Pls when will you next update to “the new butler 2”be? I'm so excited!!!


Hi, there I wanted to know when you will update "Alexander" on Radish ? BTW your books are amazing !!