I was born and halfed raised in Brooklyn, New york,but I now live in Indiana. 
I'm 17 and the oldest out of my 3 siblings ( Gosh it sucks being oldest |:( )
I love the color red (such an intense color o.o)
Love to read about any type of book besides most history *boring*
I'm wired and crazy (so my friends keep telling me all the time ^-^)
I'm a junior in high skool
I've broken only one bone in my body(hurt like hell. T^T)
I'm pretty laid back but don't get me angry -_-
I have a slight obsession w/ chocolate ^~^ (no really, if you let me I can eat it all day!)
I absolutely love to paint and draw, it seems to keep me calm.
Love to listen to all types of music be sides country. (Can't that stuff! Don't know how most people could listen to it 0.o)
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