Assallamualaikum wbt and
Haii para reader📚👤👤
Welcome to my world story..🌏
Nce to meet u all🧕
1st story:Ayiessyah Balqisya
2nd story: Demi Awak
4ed: Rumah Berhantu

Start publishing:2021.....🙂
Details of me:
Im ⬇️
-16 years-old(2021)🙇‍♀
-im who a little sister from 2 sblgs👨‍👧
-School at(Secret)😉
-from SABAH

About me?
Wait.. I would give u just a little ok?

1. I like to laugh.. Sounds like crazy yeah?
2. I like to always thinking... I mean... I have much thing to think....
3. Then i create story from my result of thinking.
4. I like to create a genre:
-romance 💓
-action 🏃‍♀🏃‍♂
-science fiction👩‍🚀👩‍🎨👩‍🔬

In conclusion,
I like to create a random story .

So, i want to say that... I didnt often open my watpad because of interrupt connection... Im so sorry for my weakness...
And yeah.. I want to announce earlier... For who are follow me... Thank u so much...

For those who want me to follow back.. Just mention it... Or you can click follow then i would follow u back. Ok?
I didnt know how i want to show that im really² appreciate it...

Your vote, your comment... Are my powerful to create most story after this...

I hope that every single story i've published, you would like it...
#Im writing story from my imagination🤯 #there's nothing related between the peoples who is still alive or died😇 #always want 1k reader and voter😩 #help me to reach more than 1k follower.. >_< #its okay if u didnt want to press the vote... ≥3≤

If you want to be my friend... Yeah, of course...

Thank u ≧∇≦

#staysafestaystrong #keep healthy guys #always pray for u #Salam ikhlas from Me

💓Salam From Author
S. Aiessah
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Aiessah Aiessah Sep 12, 2021 05:35AM
hai semuaa...maaflah.. Saya mahu padam ni wattpad... Terima kasih kepada semua follower yang follow saya... Terima kepada yg baca cerita saya yg tidak seberapa.. Terima ksih kpada yg vote dan comment...
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