Greetings Earthlings. My name is Sian Evelyn, i'm 15 and a winter baby. My favourite feauture is my eyes- my pp is a random pic of my eye hehe♥

I adore cute things like baby penguins and kittens, I hate all fake-tans and products like it, who actually wants to look like a cheeto?
I have a bit of a problem with shopping...I'm addicted. But I still don't care what everyone else is wearing, i wear whatever the heck I like;) Which is usually green or blue.
My room is covered with dream catchers, wall hangings and pictures of random crap.
I'm not really a party person, I prefer small gatherings and nerding out- we usually stick to watching lord of the rings, harry potter, troy or star wars- because we really are that cool.

Even though I have a pretty big imagination, I have trouble putting it down in words.
I'm constantly day dreaming, which sucks because I never know what's going on in i'm going to fail everything and become a hobo.

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