Hello, my names Adrian Winter. For many years I'd had always wished to be a published writer one day. But in the mean time, I am currently writing as a hobby, and at this very moment of writing this bio, I'm trying my very best to create a vast fantasy world, for multiple epic fantasy series to be set in.

My favorite genres I would like to write for;

Fantasy/Science Fiction
At the moment I won't be uploading anything, as I'm still in the process of improving my writing as best as I can, so that once I do upload any kind of story or book. It would be to the very least, be of average standard.

EDIT: Well, I say I won't upload anything, yet you can obviously see that I have. Please feel free to read whatever I post, but keep in mind, this is my first time writing. So please be gentle ;)

I would personally love as much critical feedback as possible, as it's really the only way to improve my writing, so please, if you do get the chance, just give me your honest opinion on my work.


Have a nice day. ;)


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