I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a very long time. 

I finished that goddess mythology course and I realized my ending no longer was going to work. It wasn't right and I couldn't finish my story like that. So I began rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. My story is completely different and now I don't know how to move forward. When I figure it out I hope you'll still be here and know that I don't leave things unfinished. I promise my story will be finished I just don't know when and in what manner...


seriously! all of the votes comments and messages mean the world to me.
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@SaraHimes @CajsaForsman thank you! i'm glad you enjoy it :D
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The Pureblood (harry potter fanfic)

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Description: Highly manipulative and powerful, sorcerers have left their mark on history. In the present, Alya hides from what she is, choosing instead to live as a witch. She buries her past, trying to focus on the proble...


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