Wow. I did not know you had a WP account. I only knew you from Exiled Rebel Scans. Thank you for translating the mangas and novels I have come to love.


Here I am, stumbling around on Wattpad, when I see a familiar name. I click. It’s THE Addis. I’m a big fan of yours! Didn’t even know you had a Wattpad account. 


Hi I'm sorry, but wanna ask you where I can find your translation of Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation here in Wattpad? cause it's more convenience for me to read here... thank you...


the translation will only be on EXR’s website. 


omg I seee you Addis!!!! because of your superb translation of GDC I became an addict of all things BL. so thank you!


Hey not sure if you're actively writing anymore but, please don't forget your Fractured Moonlight Fans! We have been awaiting a new update for 'forever'.