Hi there community, here is a little info about me! :D

- 21 years young.
- Currently at University.
- Born and raised in the United Kingdom.

You will mostly see me writing about Horror because it's a genre I am most interested in. I'd like to thank Stephen Kings ' The Shining ' being a huge motivator for me ever falling in love with the horror genre. And I'd like to thank the makers of The Exorcist for scarring me for life as a child.

I love series such as The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones & True Detective. All phenomenal series, and if any of you're fans, please let me know as I like to talk a lot about them :)

Would you like to keep in touch? here are some of my social networking names below:
Twitter - /Adamson93
Instagram - /Adamson93

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Description: Becoming Evil is a horror story, told from the perspective of a lonely young girl named Rainie who becomes obsessed in wanting to become popular, that soon eventually leads her down a dark path that changes who she is forever.

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Christian Harper and his daughter Abigail move to New Orleans, Louisiana after Christian lands himself a...

A Language of Tears

A Language of Tears

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A Language of Tears is an epic collection of dark poems following the life of a young girl named Evelyn...

Adamson93 commented on FEAR - Chapter Two

Thanks Koran, great game indeed. Anyone can read it, but just a caution encase you're offended by certain language or scenes! if not, read away dude! keep writing man :)
Bored? looking for a new story, or perhaps your in the horror-fest mood. Well, how about you take a little look at my new horror story titled, 'Becoming Evil' which is set to be one of my main pet projects over the Summer. I hope you enjoy it, and I will keep you all updated! if you do enjoy, please remember to vote or comment :)! I will reply to all those who take their time to do so.