Hey Aprilynne!
          I started reading the Wings series two or three years ago. Since then, I have become addicted to books and magic. I wanted to say that it was beautiful and gave me inspiration for my stories. I paint things from the series and Laurel and Tamani :)
          A few days ago I was looking for sentences from the series, and later I saw that there was a kind of sequel to the series and I was really happy. I searched and found the book in Watfad, so I started reading and was i very happy when I found your profile.
          When I got back from school, I kept reading, without interruption, until I reached the end of the epilogue.
          And what I have to say about the series - which is magical and amazing and I love the characters so much !!! ✨
          I'm sad it's over because I got to the end very quickly, but soon I'll read the books again and I'll be fascinated by them again.
          Thanks for the unforgettable reading experience. 
          A fan of a series of wings  ❤️


Hi there.
          If you have a spare moment to give can I please ask you to read my book on poetry?
          There is not a lot yet. But it is slowly growing.
          Please commentand vote for it. Or just leave your thoughts on where I can improve and what you think.
          Thanks you for taking the time to read this xxx 


Hi aprilynne 
          Can u please upload earthquake on wattpad. .. i read earthbound and i loved it !!! 


Hello Aprilynne, 
          I would just like to let you know how much the wings series has inspired me. I love the details in the book and how you really make the characters come alive. I want to be an author when I'm older and your books are my favourite. I especially like Wild, when everything in the first two books begins to make sense. I was delighted to find that you had wrote a companion book to the series, I really enjoyed reading it and finding out what happened to the characters after the last book. I have even done some watercolour paintings based on the characters, Tamani in his sentry uniform, Laurel in her blue dress from the festival and Rowen as the sugar plumb fairy. I love to re- read the series and I will have to read glitter next :-) 


Hi aprilynne! I just wanted to let you know that you're one of my favorite authors ever! I have read and reread the wings series multiple times and now that a new book has been created (Bless your heart) I plan on rereading the whole series and that book again. Its so amazing and I honestly love your writing style, I've actually read these books since I was in fifth grade and now I just graduated high school and these amazing books never get old. Keep writing, its honestly an amazing talent you have and absolutely astounding that you are willing to share it with the world! Anyway, I hope you have an amazing day! 


@Bellybuddy Thank you!!! Fifth grade, wow! That is awesome!! Thank you for being a long-time fan!!


@wolfboywrites Oh, TYSM!! I lovelovelove hearing that! I still remember the books that really made me love reading when I was a teen and the thought of being one of those books for someone else is just the best thing!!! xo


Hello Aprilynne!
          Is it possible for u to take time to write a kind of bonus short story here on Wattpad about maybe a cute-fun-sort-of-romantic... I don't Between Laurel and Tamani from the Wings series (taking place after Destined ofc), pretty please?? 0:' ) 
          I would REALLY, REALLY BE interested to read that, and I think maybe most of the Wings fans would be too : )
          Ps. Loved Arabesque. Got hooked. And can't wait for the possible upcoming sixth book♡_♡


@RainSpence @ActualAprilynnePike Yaaay! I can't wait for it to happen, but take you're time :')


@RainSpence I've had more than one person ask for that, so it's definitely on my radar. I just have to find time to do it! xo

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