I'm Back, and I'm not going to create any Smut books, because thats what keeps getting my account deleted, but instead of creating Smut books I'll just make an OC RP book that would similar, anyways Hi I'm Ace Micheal Hedgehog, if you don't know me then fuck you, I'm a Roleplayer as well

Status: Being Held Hodage by Sonic.EXE and Fleetway

On/Offline: ✔


Sad/Upset: ✔
Tired: ✔

-About Me-

×Name: Ace
×Last Name: Hedgehog
×Age: 19
×Gender: Male
×Sexuality: Gay
×Species: Hedgehog
×Personality: A Bit insane, but kind and friendly, unless you steal Fleetway from me
×Looks: Light Blue Hedgehog, with neon blue eyes, Dark Green and Blue cloves and shoes
×Height: 5'1'


•Sonic The Hedgehog
•Super Mario
  • Waiting For Fleetway or Crying To Self
  • JoinedAugust 16, 2019

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Like I said This is what I'm going to do for now one, if it gets deleted sorry, not sorry