Aaron Steinmetz, word renowned author of the Sandy Mantle Series, has a lot on his plate.  A lot more on his figurative plate, and a lot less on his literal one.

He's writing novels, composing music, taking pictures and losing sleep in Reno, NV, all the while dropping pounds in his effort to enjoy as many years as possible before shedding his mortal coil.

Because Aaron Steinmetz believes that's the meaning of life: to live as many years as possible as happy as possible, and if you enjoy the flavors on his plate then by all means join in the feast. There's always room for seconds.

Check out the writer The New York Times called "...unable to review at this time..."

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"The most...writer since...century whose...prose ever darkened...buried thirty feet under a concrete slab...would be better than..." - a guy who says he went to school with Stephen King

"I wouldn't level my coffee table with this drivel." - Aaron Steinmetz

"A handsome and talented writer, he also brushed his teeth every day and never talked back." - Aaron's mother
  • Redding, California
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Stories by Aaron Steinmetz
Platform Harmony by AaronSteinmetz
Platform Harmony
A comedy about life (and death) on an off-shore oil rig.
Cocoa Tales by AaronSteinmetz
Cocoa Tales
Being the ongoing story about a cat with homicidal tendencies. A siamese cat named Cocoa Tael recently left t...