I'm going on a little trip soon, do you guys have any reading recommendations for me? Shoot me a DM or just reply here, I'll be happy to try anything out at the moment!
          	And btw, I'm still working on the TMF III chapter (life got in the way) :/ Buuut, I'm working on it tomorrow and I'll have it up before the weekend x




Hey, I love your book, I hope had enough coins to buy the whole book. It's random but I'm not forcing anyone to try my book if you can, do it(or else I'm stealing all your cookies) joking but I will appreciate it in my next life(No this life too).
          (spoiler) it's an MxM story( nah that doesn't count as a spoiler). But…. The fact he never wears slippers after a bath, sure might be


Hey loving your book, just want to let you know that someone has a story very similar to your only they changed was the “bad boys” are wear wolfs the book is too much like yours!! But yours is better written. The book is call the bookers and the badboys