I like to think of myself as a online fiction reading guru. Over the years, I've learned to sift through the great stories and the not so great stories. I enjoy reviewing, and being reviewed. 

I have many aliases, though my main ones are Ren, E.T., and H.J. Soul. You can find me on almost all the big online fiction sights, but other then Wattpad the only ones that I visit regularly are:

Lunaecence, on which I am ElvenTrinity.


Quizilla, on which I am Sillyartist2000.

I'm in the proccess of writing two stories, both of them revolving around mermaids. I've published Something Blue, which is a companion to Waterweaver which I have yet to post.
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ATaleForASoul ATaleForASoul Jan 07, 2012 05:58AM
@Wishingal Sure! It looks interesting. I have alot on my list to read, but hopefully I'll get to it soon. :D
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Something Blue

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Description: Far beneath the sea, a young Bettadin Merr struggles to submit to the customs of her people, but cheifly her father- who is uncomprimising in his views. Far above the water on the surface, a troubled young...


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Her Dance.

Her Dance.

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A tragic love story. . . (Wow. It wasnt as dark the first time I wrote it, but Alana deserved more than...

Here kitty, kitty. Yum fishy, fishy. The memoirs of a Goldfish.

Here kitty, kitty. Yum fishy, fishy. The memoirs of a Goldfish.

207 4 6

A short, one page tale of a goldfish that's hopelessly in love. Happy early Valentine's day!


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Story Reading List