Self-published indie author, photographer, artist,  wife, mother of two special needs children, sister, friend, college student...just a few of all the things that make up the pieces of me.  Pieces that sometimes fit so perfectly together that i'm left sitting in amazement at how seamless and beautiful my life is. Most of the time, however, the pieces are changing, being  torn up and tossed out in effort to make room for  a new component that might work just a little bit better.  Whatever the parts are, I do my best to embrace them as they come and let them fall where they may. 

I am currently working on another installment of The Sapphire Star Saga. So look for that soon! When not writing about the world of Watreon, my life is busy with the tasks of life and taking care of my family. Boring to some maybe, but the simpler things in life always bring me the most joy.
  • The edge of my seat, passing anticipation, eagerly awaiting satisfaction!
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