🌃🌻Sunflowers. The suns way to see what Life on earth is like. Wouldn't the sun be ashamed. 🌻🌃

🌃☀[Name: Minh]☀
☀{Age: 16}☀🌃

☀Broken Glass. I will never be an open book. As no one can ask questions as I sleep internally.☀

🌟🌻[Sexuality: Pansexual]🌻🌟
🌃☀️ {DM Status: Open}🌃☀️

☀️🌟Im ashamed of my emotions. I look at the dead sky and say as the winds lullaby carries me away. Your my only friend, sunflower.☀️🌟

🐣🍺Leon. Leo the mighty Lion of the Seas and My number one Man. The Sun Lion of the vast Ocean in the scolding Sahara.🐣🍺

🐣🍺P.S Pfft- Leon is a little dude and the King of the damn puddle. Hes my littel brother ;p🐣🍺





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