I LIKE BOYS!! and girls are okay I guess. What kind of music do I like? The good kind. I like to draw and listen to music and chill and talk to anybody who tickles my fancy! ^_^ And, I AM WICCAN AND PROUD.

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oh yeh, nd i like writing tooooooo!
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hello,would you plz read my book:BEAUTIFUL I have really worked hard on it.I really want suggestions and few readers*dies of embaracment* (I don't know the spelling, hehe so plz excuse) 
      ~all of love
Dany1908 posted a message to ALEXXkills
"eats cookies in your profile"
      good luck finding your way from my closet ;p jk is not that big...
      guess what i like adorable boys as well and find the girls okay 
      this old lady is odd you must think
      yes i'm xD