Hello author 
          Im boy and also Bts army i'm new here
          Can you please tell me how can I create bts character like you please
          I have very interesting story plot but for this I have to know , how to make CHARACTERS please help me


╰⁠(⁠ ⁠・⁠ ⁠ᗜ⁠ ⁠・⁠  Hello, dear!
          These awards are unique because they have no categories and fanfiction boundaries. Wanna know how? 
          A small glimpse of it.
          Bibliophile's choice awards:: A reader aka Namjoon's choice awards.
          Our leader had always been there with his open hands to spread love, support and appreciation to the deserving ones.
          So once again he is here to support you all, the writers of this platform. Being a dedicated bibliophile he welcomes all genres, whether it is fiction or nonfiction story.
          So what are you waiting for? accept his warm welcome and join in! 
          Hurry up since there are just 15 slots. Hope to see you there!


هاي اليوم نزل البارت اول من الرواية جديدة  علي حسابي اساسي فا بتمنى تعجبكم و تعطولها كل الحب مع تعليق جميل زيكم انيووو فرولاتي ❤


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