I love space. Uh...I'm to embarrassed to make my serious stories public...em...and thats about it... I'm young enough so that I'm not allowed to share personal information (mom's rules o.o) and so that I don't want, have, or r interested in having a boyfriend (get my drift?)
Some books I like:
ERAGON SERIES!!! (amazzzing!)
Pillars of the Earth
World without End
Perfect Chemistry Series
Harry Potter
and a lot more!

I LOVE the play "Wicked". Recommend it to EVERYONE~

I'm in love with my puppies and the reason I use puppy metaphors a lot in my stories are because my family breeds Shih-Tzus!

I have 1 book that needs editing and reviews, although I'm really scared about that let me put it out there.
Thanks guys!
(BTW i fan like everyone so its no big deal)
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    G8 15 YO7 (Don't ask just read)
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I am in desperate need of someone to talk to!
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