Hey there, it's the lovely Mars speaking. And no, my name isn't truly Mars. However, for some reason, I have been called Mars for ages, so I stick with it c: I am a fifteen year old writer, artist and avid reader. I don't write novels often, it's mostly short stories or poems. A lot of readers don't seem to like poems because they are hard to understand, or just not interested in them, but I like to make mine very simple enough to read and understand.. within a day or two, of course. ;3

Within writing, I love a good romance story. Not some lust filled sex drama, but a sweet and not-so-naturally clean relationship. You don't see much of that nowadays, but I applaud the people who keep a good relationship alive. Mostly I write upbeat and somewhat comical relief type short stories or poems, but if I'm in a haze of some funky mood, the works can get a it dark..

Above I included a quote "to live is to war with trolls". The reason being, it's my favorite quote. It's not a deep, serious matter of death or love. It's got a touch of whimsy, yet still holds true to the face of life. I interpret it as everyday you live, you'll always have to cross your bridge with a troll under it; whether it turns out good or bad, your life is full and soon enough you'll have to adapt and move on. Big meaning for such a small amount of words, right? That's what I love about poetry is it doesn't tell you what you can or cannot thing about it, it's a free option for whatever you wish it to be.
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