I write original slash (boyxboy) a.k.a. gay romantica, and am really proud to be part of the wonderful LGBT community on Wattpad (who is finally starting to recognized us as a bonafide community! Yay!).

My current WIP is "Teasing the Golden Boy". I know I haven't updated it in a while, but I HAVE NOT ABANDONED IT I promise!!!! I love Kaleb and Nate too much for that! I had a recent brain storm session with someone who felt the need to intervene, and it worked. I have enough ideas now to overcome that creative block and hopefully finish it in the near future. I also love writing one shots.

I have published some of my stories on Amazon et al -- see my website for more :)

***** THE MISSING LINKS ******
People are always PMing me about those pesky private chapters that seem to disappear. I promise you they are still there, I check every so often. Make sure you're my fan before you click on a link. If they still don't work, clear your browser cache and try again, that usually solves the problem.

• I wrote a sizzling oneshot called <b>"Good Vibrations" </b>( https://www.wattpad.com/8375904 ) that's so hot, Wattpad marked it "Private". If you enjoyed "Three Score", you'd love this one!

• "Teasing the Golden Boy" (Chapter 9 part 1):

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Visit my website, http://www.nevaehwright.com where I post updates, cover art, news, etc.

I've made a Tumblr account that is all about boyxboy hotness! Just know, it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Lots of full on glorious sexiness going on over there... http://abittersweetluv.tumblr.com/
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Hi guys! There's big things happening and I need as many peeps as possible to subscribe to my profile here: https://booksproutapp.com/author/300/nevaeh-wright
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Virgin Skin (short story) [boyxboy]

Social data: 110K reads. 3.5K votes. 369 comments.

Description: When Custo, with his full body tats and intimidating piercings, meets the silent Micha, he realizes that only he held the key to set Micha free. How or why, he didn't know, but he had to try, even if Micha won...

4 Parts - Completed

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Courage To Fly [manxman] *Sample*

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