I'm feeling really random right now. I am also thinking of Andy Six and Ricky Olson!! They are my only celebrity crushes and I will punch your face if you don't like them or their bands, well maybe but still. I like dark colors but I LOVE black. My friends and I joke around how dark and cold I am. I do think about dark things sometimes. I get mad at people for sayin something that they don't like or find wong with something I like that is totally stupid. I am very hyper and bouncy when I'm around friends.

I LOVE to sing! I'm in a choir and I sing to songs at the top of my lungs if I'm alone in the house! I play the piano, used to play the flute, and I want to play the drums and bass guitar.

I like alot of different bands in alot of different genres. My favorites are Black Veil Brides <3, Motionless In White,<3 and much more!!

Black Veil Brides and Motionless in White are the AMAZINGEST (Word?) BANDS EVA!!!
Luv them with all my heart! Andy and Ricky are my background! I think they are both hot and sexy and I will probably never meet them, which sucks, so I love them both! Andy 6 Lovers DON'T HATE ME! I still love Andy! I mean who couldn't love that sexy beast?

Live, Laugh, Love the Black Veil Brides!

"Never give in, Never back down, Never give in!"- Black Veil Brides, Never Give In

You say Pink I Say Black
You Say Zac Efron I Say Ricky Olson You B****!!!!!
You Say Pop I Say Rock
You Say I'm Weird I Say I'm Different XP
You Say Justin Bieber I Say What the Hell!? Andy Six all the way B*****!!!!

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Live, Laugh, Love Motionless In White!

"Who gives a F*** if I wear makeup and tight jeans! You're so caught up with all the bulls*** on Myspace!"-Motionless In White

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immortalnight.com <-go here! it's awesome
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    with Andy Biersack or Ricky Olson!!! ( I wish)
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    Apr 23, 2011 02:12PM
ABandROLover ABandROLover Jul 29, 2011 05:29PM
Another Bring me the Horizon song!
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