Hi my name is Aasia i'm 13 years old let me tell U a bit about myself i'm really loud n i do have a anger problem which i try to control  i'm not much of a reader or a writer but people can change right? and i want to change i do read but not that much coz i dont get enough time.

If Justin Bieber said breathing wasn't cool 95 percent of girls would be dead. If you would be part of the 5 who'd laugh their ass off at them, copy this into your profile

i like singers like
tinie tempha
jessie j
nicki minaj
and there's more

i dont like
stuck up people
thats about it

i love my m8'z especially zaiba n areeba i'm always hyped up so if your down n need cheerin up i'll be there 4 u :) i do get bored really easily so i probubly would like some1 to talk 2 most of the time if there was 1 place i would go in the world it would be new york i may not seem it but i am really fun i'm always up for a laugh.

Anywayz if you like the sound of me read my books n tell me what u fink n if you dont like the sound of me...still read my book hopefully you'll enjoy em. I nearly 4got fan me n maybe i'll fan u back.
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