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For The First Time

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Description: A larry stylinson fan fic i make no promises that this is gonna be the best story ever and i dont do goos with descriptions but read on if you wanna know more :) and yes this is a love story...

I get what your saying im just impatient for everything to get moving along but then again  I never want the story to end so I think take your time, im not dissing C.L or anything but I like how in your fic you managed to get them to bond to have trust and be physical, it does take alot of trust to be that open to somebody or nine somebodys. I have a feeling that the next book is still gonna be slow paced though because I think C.L plans on having 20 in the series.

haha alls good I love Annie :) im a seriously considering reading this again from the beginning. Ive re read the original series so many times already cause im impatient for October to get here already but after reading this its gonna be a bit hard for me to transition back to original cause im just impatient with it to move forward more already, do you know what I mean? But I really cant get enough of this book your doing a really good job and I love how its so long :) Random but Gabriel and Luke are my favorite :)