So I'm a yr12 graduate, about to start university in March!

I update sporadically. Very occasionally. Basically when I feel like it. Sorry.

I love spaghetti bolagnaise. not penne bolagnaise or twirls bolagnaise, spaghetti bolagnaise. It's the best thing since portable speakers.

favourite genres are...... teen and non-teen fiction, comedy, action, romance and right now i'm really into crime fiction!

I'm learning to drive right now! and i must say, i'm not too bad X) it's pretty fun! But i'm not getting a car anytime soon.... =\ (internally i'm devastated..)

I'm quite gullible, I try not to be, but when you say something, usually i will believe you. Unless you told me that a flying purple people eater just attacked you..

I don't like all those corny pictures with the soppy quote in red and white writing on them. I just don't like soppy teenage quotes. I don't know why, I just don't. I can't stand stuff like, 'hurting people hurt other people' It's true, it's just... argh I don't like those kind of quotes..... they're somehow attention-seeking in my head... =\ sorry if you're into them. ><

I play violin =D i wish I could play all that cool country stuff but i'm not talented enough.. I like spanish style stuff though =)

I use a lot of emoticons.

I'm a bit clumsy and absent-minded, i trip over stuff and lose heaps of things. I've been through about 5 iPods now, it's a little depressing actually.... i don't have one anymore. I lost my last one on the train.

ummmmmm sometimes i'm a bit nuts but i'm sane when need be.

If you're reading this profile, wow! thank you. there isn't anything here so i'm surprised you are reading this. =O <- that's my shocked face.

If you want to follow some of my other antics besides what I write on wattpad, i have a blog which doesn't get updated too often.. hypotheticalme.wordpress.com =) though there isn't a heck of a lot on there, if you like macarons, you'll like my wallpaper =D
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