Hi guys and welcome to my page. Here's a few things about me:
- I love meeting new people,so don't hesitate to hmu.
- I'm more clumsy than camila and more awkward then Lauren when she denies camren
-I love creating art and music and just generally expressing myself in all kinds of ways
-I am very passionate about lgbt rights and all kinds of different things in politics really
-If Lauren ask me what's my fav color:,"The color of your eyes"
-I love to learn and see new perspectives
-Yoga is life
-Lauren Jaregui and I are practically same person
-Reading,music, and art are my escape from all of the corruption,selfishness,and arrogance in the world
-I have a huge crush on Lauren because of her intelligence and beautiful heart(and face too 😎🔥)
***If anyone hasnt told you today yet, you are beautiful, you are worth it (5h pun intended , omg I'm such a dork), and probably gay if you are following me 😂😂***

Kik: carolineg0317
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